Updating jupyterlab spawned by jupyterhub: necessary to restart hub?

I’m the administrator of a jupyterhub that spawns (through sudospawner) jupyterlab servers for end users. I want to update the jupyterlab that’s installed in the shared conda environment from 0.35.4 to the current release. Can I do this without interrupting jupyterhub or the currently running jupyterlab servers people have running?

Ben Klaas
Institute for Social Research and Data Innovation
University of Minnesota

Just to follow-up on my question, I’ve answered it empirically: this won’t work well.

You can update the underlying jupyterlab, and currently open lab sessions will continue to work well, but after closing the front-end tab of lab, a user will effectively be locked out. My assumption is that jupyterlab is trying to restore a session, and it bombs because files have changes significantly.

I’ve concluded a hub restart is necessary as part of an underlying lab update.