Unfamiliar error codes

Hello, I am new to AWS and still junior in coding, I was wondering if someone can help me understand in layperson’s terms what these error codes are saying.

The first I know is relanoted to the project name. The project name has been changed in the defining variables code, however it still isn’t changing when I print the name.
The next two (Line 391 and 719) I am not so sure about.

You may be trying to run this in a Jupyter notebook using JupyterLab, but the question is about running Python code and understanding an error traceback involving boto3 use. You’d find a more appropriate audience looking around where boto3 users post questions or in a Python community forum.
One way to think about these things in the future is whether you’d get the same issue running this code as a Python script in a .py file or not. If it’d be the same in a script, then it isn’t appropriate in the Jupyter Community Discourse Forum.

That being said, sometimes you will get lucky here because there is overlap. However, in the future it is always best and more helpful for everyone to keep posts to an appropriate forum.

It looks like ‘ennovfPath/’ is wrong perhaps? Lines 391 and 719 are just other parts of the code, the iternals so-to-speak, not being able to handle you providing an incorrect key. Something is wrong about Key= 'ennovfPath/' and so if you sort that out, you shouldn’t need to concern yourself with details about lines 391 and 719. Maybe the backslash shouldn’t be there? Examples I see with s3.get_object() online have Key= equal to a filename string and not a directory like you seem to be attempting. Maybe you need something like here or here?

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fomightez Thank you for your thoughtful reply. It did seem like it was to do with the ennovfPath as a key, though now I am having syntax errors line by line in this code. I will write in the appropriate forum going forward, thank you again for your insight and help!