Unable To Run UI Tests

I have made some UI changes in notebook repo, as per the CONTRIBUTING.md, There are also end to end tests to cover higher level user interactions

cd ui-tests
# start a new Jupyter server in a terminal
jlpm start

# in a new terminal, run the tests
jlpm test

But I am getting below error while running jlpm start
Usage Error: Couldn't find the node_modules state file - running an install might help (findPackageLocation)

Please run just jlpm in ui-tests to install requirements before jlpm start

Thanks this did work for me, also I need to install playwright separately by using
npx playwright install

Just wondering if we can update the CONTRIBUTING.md ?


Yes - a pull request updating the contibuting guide would certainly be appreciated!


Created a PR for the same, not sure if its ok that we don’t have an open issue for this.