Cannot build jupyterlab examples

Dear all,
What is the recommended way to build the jupyterlab examples (

Are we supposed to first
conda create -n jlex jupyterlab nodejs
conda activate jlex
jlpm run build:examples?
If running these commands, I get errors about incompatible MIME types and missing @jupyterlab/buildutils.

Or should we run
git checkout
cd jupyterlab
npm install
npm run build
jlpm run examples:build?
Then I get hundreds of errors at the “npm run build” step.

Please help to describe which steps are necessary before “jlpm run build:examples”. When the general direction is clear, I can post details error logs.
Thank you

Set up a dev environment first (, then do the jlpm run build:examples.

I"m glad to see this thread. I’ve been working in python for months now, occasionally using jupyterlab, but I figured it just wasnt ready for prime time yet. I’ve been able to make it work at a basic level, but lots and lots of errors. I can get it working on binder but not really locally If someone has some detailed steps on getting past all the yarn, webkit, js errors, i’ll tag along for the ride if you don’t mind: