Unable to create user on remote server

Hi Folks,

I am having some issues setting up my JupyterHub. I will briefly go through my scenario. I want to run my JupyterHub on a machine ( and store all user’s related information, such as an account, on another remote server ( I am using sshspawner to spawn my user environment. However, I kept getting error messages like “Error starting server : Invalid OpenSSH certificate.”

Below is what my jupyterhub_config.py looks like:

c.JupyterHub.spawner_class = 'sshspawner.sshspawner.SSHSpawner'
c.SSHSpawner.remote_hosts = ['']
c.SSHSpawner.remote_host = ''
c.SSHSpawner.ssh_command = 'ssh'
c.SSHSpawner.ssh_keyfile = '/home/<local username>/.ssh/id_rsa' # this is a private key used to access
c.SSHSpawner.remote_host = '/home/<remote username>/get_port.py' # got get_port.py by cloning from https://github.com/NERSC/sshspawner and is located in the remote server

I would like to have JupyterHub automatically create an account on the remote server when I attempt to log in using a new account. Any help is greatly appreciated.


I haven’t used SSHSpawner, but it seems to use the standard ssh command
so it won’t be able to do anything that you couldn’t do when running ssh on the command line yourself.

Hi Manics,

Thanks for the suggestion, and indeed my cert was wrong which cause it to not able to login. After carefully creating my certs and keys, I was able to make JupyterHub access that account.


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