Allow jupyterhub users to spawn notebook via ssh


I have installed jupyterhub on my server (s1). I really enjoy showing people small snippets of code this way but I don’t have a GPU on this server which I use for ML. Now that I have looked into Jupyterhub a little more I was wondering if there is a way to allow my User on s1 to start a jupyter notebook on another server (s2) which has GPUs available for ML. I was looking into sshspawner which I think does something like this but I could not find good documentation. To clarify a little more I don’t want all my notebooks spawned remote on s2. I, either want to choose a server when I connect, or I want to be able to choose a Notebook which then connects to s2.

Thank you, I hope you can help me find a better solution and/or documention on how to do this.