"Twin panel file manager" lab extension?

Since I discovered I can have a lab instance open on my remote work-machine or HPC (which do not have a graphical interface), I use my remote jlab for everything. Starting jobs, monitoring jobs, analyzing the outputs in notebooks, etc. This is awesome and has completely replaced my previous ssh machine -> screen -x -> do_stuff_on_unix_terminal workflow.

Now I find myself wanting something more: I want jupyterlab to help me organize and move my files around on the host system: I know I can do that with the jlab file explorer but it is tedious. What I actually think of is a “twin-panel file manager” that could help to delete, move, copy files etc.

Is there something like this in the making? I can understand that this is pretty niche, because if you are running jlab locally or on a machine with a graphical OS you don’t really need it, but for jlab on HPC or remote machines this could be quite useful…

I don’t know of anything that does this at the moment, but

seems to be going that way, in particular see

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