Truncated function info being displayed within jupyter notebook cell output - how to show full function arguments in cell output

Last year when I fit a datset to a KMeans function in Jupyter Notebook script, the cell output displayed full function arguments of KMeans on execution. But recently I ran the code lines again, and the output is displayed with extremely curtailed info.

I want the full info to be displayed, like it did earlier. How can I make that happen?


Cell output (earlier):
KMeans(algorithm=‘auto’, copy_x=True, init=‘k-means++’, max_iter=300,
n_clusters=4, n_init=10, n_jobs=None, precompute_distances=‘auto’,
random_state=9, tol=0.0001, verbose=0)

cell output (now):
KMeans(n_clusters=4, random_state=9)

Late response, but it’s possible you had an external system calculate the notebook javascript outputs. This can happen if you run the notebook in papermill in a headless exectution mode. Check if you need to File -> Trust Notebook to get it to render the javascript version of outputs.