Treebeard project using Repo2Docker

Hi Community/Admins,

I’ve been building a continuous integration product which uses repo2docker to containerise/build projects and would like permission to use your branding when discussing our product.

It’s been a lot of fun working with r2d and a few weeks ago I made the first of hopefully many PRs to contribute back to the project.

Over the next few weeks I’d like to

  1. Open treebeard to a wider audience which involves distributing docs, potentially directing users to information about the config files r2d works with
  2. Distribute some marketing material for our project, calling out some of the great open source projects we are built on (including r2d) to alleviate concerns of vendor lock in
  3. Open source our core, including CLI, buildtime, and runtime functionality for running a CI service for scientific applications

keen to discuss here or over email on

Big thanks


while I can’t give you a definitive answer: all the code (and for better or worse documentation) is covered by which explains the rights and obligations (modifying, redistribution, endorsement, including the copyright and license in derived copyrights, etc.)

I think (but you’d need a lawyer) that using the name repo2docker and its logo to refer to repo2docker itself is also unproblematic. For example “Our service is built on repo2docker.” or “Configuration files are compatible with repo2docker.”

Does this answer your questions?

Interesting! In case others are curious, I found this website: I guess that is correct @alex-treebeard?

My understanding is that the copyright to the “Jupyter” name is held by NumFocus, but I don’t know whether other things like repo2docker fall under the same category. Either way, I assume it is OK because tons of people use the word “Jupyter” in their products (in the way that tim has described above).

edit: here’s the jupyter trademarks guidelines:

It would also be awesome to see some upstream improvements to repo2docker! :slight_smile:

Thanks a lot for the clarification @betatim and @choldgraf just wanted to double check!

Apologies for the slow reply, we are indeed, it’s probs better to check out the repo though

Right now the service is part open source, part managed but we’re working on making it possible self-host.

Edit: If you’re reading this a glance at this would be appreciated

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