Tools tab missing

I know this is a stupid question, but I cannot see the tools tab in my Jupyter notebooks.

Hi! There are no stupid questions :smiley:
However it will help if you can provide more information so that people can answer your question, such as what you’re running including versions, your configuration, operating system, and in this case perhaps a screenshot to make it clear what the problem is.
Have a read though

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Thanks for the quick reply. This is what I see:

That looks typical for the traditional ‘classic’ Jupyter notebook interface. And so I’m not sure what you are concerned with missing?

Are you maybe thinking of JupyterLab, see here? That is a different interface for working with Jupyter notebook files. It is the more modern offering with more features than the traditional the traditional ‘classic’ Jupyter notebook interface. You install JupyterLab separately and open it differently. Did you install with the Anaconda distribution by any chance? JupyterLab comes with that.

If that is not it. Maybe you need to describe more of what and where we should be seeing something? Or maybe point to an image online that shows it?

I’ve seen a tutorial where someone changed runtime to GPU.

This post takes about enabling use of gpu in Jupyter notebook.
Towards the end of the process, the screen shown for starting a new notebook & selecting the GPU from is the Jupyter Dashboard that you usually get to by clicking Jupyter logo that is above and to the left in your screenshot. Maybe that is what you are looking for? (You can actually switch the kernel in a new notebook after it opens by clicking on the kernel indicator in the upper right of your notebook screenshot, too.)

Commonly, for running AlphaFold people use Google Colab and switch to GPU there. Any chance you are looking for Google Colab?

You could link to the tutorial as well?

Thanks, this is the tutorial:

The explanation appears around 40 seconds in.

At 35 seconds into the video you linked it shows you where to go and says to open Google Colab. Please follow those directions to have something matching that.

Google Colab is offered by Google as a commercial offering. You don’t install it on your machine. It runs the compute on their machines remotely via the cloud. They are happy to let you pay them to run your tasks after you exhaust the limited free compute they currently offer in a service that will disappear at any arbitrary moment in the future. (Other examples, like Google Reader, Google Stadio, etc., see Killed by Google)
It is a highly modified, VERY OLD branch off of the Jupyter project. A lot of the conveniences and fancy features now in the Jupyter ecosystem are not offered by Google Colab. Consider them as very different at this point.

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Thanks, I’m a fool. I wasn’t paying attention to the installation because I already had Anaconda installed.