Not able to see toggle toolbar in Jupyter notebook

Not able to see toggle toolbar in Jupyter notebook. Yeah it is very difficult to always use cell droupdown to run . the toggle toolbar has been missing . help me or give me some idea.

What do you mean by toggle toolbar? What do you mean be cell dropdown? What version of Jupyter Notebook are you using?

I’m have recently been started using jupyter notebook . Im not able to find toolbar which should have RUN ,cut, save , paste … toolbar. can you help me how can i retrieve that toolbar.

The theme appears non-standard (or maybe it is not Jupyter Notebook?) did you install a theme? Could it be that the custom theme is interfeting with toolbar?

If you run jupyter notebook --version or jupyter-notebook --version in terminal what do you see? If it is older than 7.0.4 could you isntall the latest version? (How to update depends on how you installed it, e.g. with pip vs with conda).