TLJH - s3contents (issue solved)


I am using s3contents with TLJH.

The first TLJH hub I set up worked fine.

On the second, the hub can find the s3 folders in the tree view, but can’t load the actual files. Strangely, the first server has symlinks set up for each s3 folder (not sure why), but the first does not.

When I try to load a file, i get the error File Load Error for *.ipynb

  1. Anyone know what is going on?
  2. I notice 404s when jupyter tries to find a notebook using the Contents Api. How can I find the actual logs which will tell me the exact URL Jupyter is using to locate the underlying notebook?


By the way, the first is on ubuntu 18 whereas the second is on ubuntu 20.


The issue is that another package installed a newer version of fsspec.

The newer version of fsspec has a function which moved from sync to aysnc - and so was returned isfile = false.

I downgraded fsspec.