TLJH: Kernel easily disconnected. -> Can not run longer program

Hi All,

I tried to install "The Littlest JupyterHub" on Ubuntu 18.04 and the platform is on Ali-Cloud.
We found that, it easily shows "NOT CONNECTED".
Here's the scenario:
    We will setup a config and press "RUN". Jupyterhub will show the output message until the program is end.

-> If the program runs only for about 1-5 mins, everything is OK.
-> But if we set longer time(out config setting), the programs runs for more time, several minutes later, it usually shows "NOT CONNECTED" and the program is incomplete.

Do anyone know how to fix the situation?


I haven’t used TLJH setup – but make sure your kernel isn’t running our of memory. It might be getting killed and then you can become disconnected without any context as to what’s wrong.

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I tried same scenario in my local computer without Jupyterhub. It works well.
I am not sure why Jupyterhub may get disconnected when running programs.

Do you have any ideas?