TLJH encrypted traffic on AWS EC2 and AWS Certificate Manager not accessible

I’m trying to run a TLJH instance in EC2. It is working as expected in regular traffic. However, the trouble is when I try to encrypt and use a domain name. I created a A record pointing to the EC2 IP. However, I need to use AWS certificate manager for the domain. Unfortunatel, there is no simple way to download tls (ssl) key and certificate. I’m unable to connect to the jupyterhub . Any recommendations on how to use AWS DNS and certificate manager to encrypt the traffic that is also accessible.

I’m not familiar with AWS certificate manager, however the docs suggest you can setup a LoadBalancer in front of your EC2 instance: Services integrated with AWS Certificate Manager - AWS Certificate Manager

Thank you for the response. It was sorted out. It appears that having a restricted network access prevented the server from downloading the certificate.