"Timeout waiting for IOPub output" when converting to html with nbconvert

Hi everyone,

I’m trying to convert a notebook that displays several maps showing maps using the extension ipyleaflet. It draws 673 CircleMarkers which are created from a pandas dataframe, grouped in different layer groups. I use the folowing command to make the conversion :
jupyter nbconvert --TemplateExporter.exclude_input=True --ExecutePreprocessor.timeout=300 --ExecutePreprocessor.iopub_timeout=300 --to=html --execute mynotebook.ipynb
The problem is that while the conversion is running I get this warning :
[NbConvertApp] WARNING | Timeout waiting for IOPub output
It finishes without error but the first map is not complete : some points are note loaded. Surprisingly the other one are complete and doesnt raise a warning !

I tried differents things :

  • I increased --ExecutePreprocessor.iopub_timeout to 1200 (20 minutes), nothing changed
  • I decreased the number of points to show, and my maps displayed all well untill 500, but when I limit to 600 I get again the same problem, even increasing the timout to 1200.

So it seems I passed a limit but I dont know which because I only get this IOPub timout warning …

Does someone has an idea of what is going on ?

Thanks in advance !