Time restriction on usign jupyterhub

Hi everyone!

Jupyterhub is installed on a server that I am responsible for administering. I would like all users to be restricted to only using Jupyterhub (their notebooks) for 12 hours per day.

I would appreciate your assistance in this matter.

What is its configuration?

You could do this by extending JupyterHub. A couple of options:

  • subclass an Authenticator to restrict when a user can login
  • subclass a Spawner to restrict when a singleuser server can be started

Thanks for your response,

Are you suggesting that I develop the source code of JupyterHub?

Has this functionality not been implemented previously?

JupyterHub is designed to be extended with add-ons, you don’t need to modify the core JupyterHub code. Spawners — JupyterHub 3.0.0 documentation has links to some Spawners which aren’t part of the core JupyterHub code.

I haven’t come across the functionality you’re talking about, but it’s possible someone else has implemented something similar. If you find something please share it here to help future forum users!