When I impose memory and CPU limits in JupyterHub the Spawner timeouts

I need to impose limits on user cpu/memory in a JupyterHub instance.

However I have found that when I impose the limits the Spawner takes too long and times out.

I have tried increasing the time the spawner has before timing out, but it doesnt seem to work:

c.SystemdSpawner.start_timeout = 400

c.SystemdSpawner.http_timeout = 400

c.SystemdSpawner.poll_interval = 400

c.JupyterHub.tornado_settings = {

'slow_spawn_timeout': 10


And if I increase the slow spawn timeout any further than the default 10 then I get another error.

Is there away to impose the limits after the spawner has run and the user has the jupyterhub instance?

Hi! Could you show use your full JupyterHub configuration with secrets redacted?