SystemdSpawner FileNotFoundError [Errno 2] No such file or directory: 'systemctl'

My looks something like this:

import os
c = get_config()
c.JupyterHub.log_level = 'DEBUG'
c.JupyterHub.spawner_class = 'systemdspawner.SystemdSpawner'
c.SystemdSpawner.extra_paths = ['/bin', '/opt/jupyterhub/bin', '/root/.nvm/versions/node/v{{ node_version }}/bin']
c.JupyterHub.hub_ip = ''
c.JupyterHub.hub_port = 8080

systemd is running and systemctl is available on the host machine:

[root@ip-x-x-x-x ~]# which systemctl

I’m getting this error on the front end:

500 : Internal Server Error

Error in Authenticator.pre_spawn_start: FileNotFoundError [Errno 2] No such file or directory: 'systemctl': 'systemctl'

You can try restarting your server from the home page.

What am I missing here? It should be available via the $PATH, as well as c.SystemdSpawner.extra_paths.

The jupyterhub process runs as root, via systemd.

There are no log messages from SystemdSpawner in the jupyterhub DEBUG logs.