Systemd Spawner DynamicUser= feature change directory?

Is it possible to change the directory that this option uses by default from /var/lib/username to something else?
We have an NFS share setup for home directories and we want to use that location. We are using the LTI authenticator hence the reason for wanting to use the Dynamic user option.

These are the relevant sections of code:

There’s a link to Dynamic Users with systemd which includes:

How is that applied to dynamic user services? Let’s say StateDirectory=foobar is set for a service that has DynamicUser= turned off. The instant the service is started, /var/lib/foobar is created as state directory, owned by the service’s user and remains in existence when the service is stopped. If the same service now is run with DynamicUser= turned on, the implementation is slightly altered. Instead of a directory /var/lib/foobar a symbolic link by the same path is created (owned by root), pointing to /var/lib/private/foobar (the latter being owned by the service’s dynamic user). The /var/lib/private directory is created as boundary directory: it’s owned by root:root , and has a restrictive access mode of 0700. Both the symlink and the service’s state directory will survive the service’s life-cycle, but the state directory will remain, and continues to be owned by the now disposed dynamic UID — however it is protected from other host users (and other services which might get the same dynamic UID assigned due to UID recycling) by the boundary directory.