Strip_invalid_metadata future?

I am writing a notebook autograding system for use in my university, and I rely on adding metadata to Jupyter notebooks to keep track of cell type (readonly vs answer vs tests, etc) and number of points.

I see that when nbformat.write is called, validate is called, and validate has an option strip_invalid_metadata that is turned off by default. Obviously if this was turned on, all my metadata would be lost, so I’d like to know what are the plans and thinking around this option.

Of course to avoid problems I could just save my metadata somewhere else… but it’s kind of elegant/convenient to be able to add data in place. And as I am also considering building some other tools around notebooks, I am curious to know what the thinking is about adding additional metadata to notebooks. Many thanks!


Ok, I guess the answer is here: The Notebook file format — nbformat 5.9 documentation

Thanks (I found this in another post here).