StickyLand: Break the linear presentation of Jupyter notebooks with sticky cells!

Hi all :wave:, StickyLand a new extension that enables JupyterLab users to create sticky cells.

Users can easily create sticky cells and freely arrange them with simple drag-and-drop. Users can also automatically execute these cells.

:sparkles: Features

  1. Drag-and-drop to create sticky cells (code and markdown)
  2. Edit and run these sticky cells
  3. Automatically run sticky cells when any other cell is executed
  4. Launch flexible floating cells that float on top of the notebook

With multiple sticky cells, users can even create a fully-fledged interactive dashboard!

:muscle: Try it out

  1. Online Binder demo


  1. Install this extension and try it with your JupyterLab
pip install stickyland

:nerd_face: To learn more

  1. Check out our research paper: " StickyLand: Breaking the Linear Presentation of Computational Notebooks"
  2. StickyLand Github Repo