Spawner life cycle


Can someone explain to me the spawner life cycle ?

For pupose of a demo, I’d like to provide a reset button, on the spawn page (with an option form) to force the refreh of that Form
I have started to implement a class, lets say class ResetStuff(BaseHandler): + an HTML for with action="/hub/reset_stuff" + an extra_handlers like

c.JupyterHub.extra_handlers = [
  (r'/reset_stuff', ResetStuff)

In the post method of ResetStuff, how to create a new spawner, in the same way an done after authentication ?

I have made several attempts (without success) like

   the_spawner_instance = self.current_user.spawners['']
    if the_spawner_instance:



But I didn’t succeed . The _options_form_default method is not invoked as I would expect

Best regards