How to access the handler from the hub


I’m trying to generate a dynamic profile list or a form with preset values that come from the url in the spawner.
For example

I’ve seen some related issues in GH like jupyterhub/2237 and 2036 or kubespawner/189 but I’m struggling making it work. The handler is always None

def get_profile_list(spawner):"handler: {spawner.Handler}")

c.KubeSpawner.profile_list = get_profile_list


class CustomSpawner(KubeSpawner):
    def options_form(self, spawner):"spawner handler: {spawner.Handler}")"self handler: {self.Handler}")
      self.profile_list = [ ... ]
      return super().options_form

Is there a way to access the handler in those spots after the /hub GET ?

Thank you!