Some ideas around JupyterHub from the Pangeo/2i2c kick-off meeting

This meeting happened about two weeks ago and I just realized that I didn’t cross-post between this forum and the Pangeo forum!


2i2c and Pangeo are collaborating around their cloud infrastructure, the goal is to have 2i2c manage Pangeo’s infrastructure via the 2i2c Pilot Hubs repository, where we can reduce the amount of “operations time” needed to keep things running, and thus focus more time on development and improvements in JupyterHub that would benefit Pangeo. 2i2c’s goal is to follow best-practices from the JupyterHub / Jupyter community in running its infrastructure, so it’s important that any improvements it makes are done in partnership with the broader community :sparkles:

In particular @sgibson91 is going to focus on this work along with @damianavila

Some potential ideas

We had a brainstorm meeting to talk about some ways to enhance the JupyterHub ecosystem for the Pangeo community. A lot of this revolved around making the user experience across hubs more seamless (so you can easily move from one hub to another) as well as doing more to integrate data pipelines, reproducibility, publishing, etc. You can find a short summary of some ideas here:

If others in the JupyterHub community are excited about any of this, please reach out! Right now this is all in the “high level brainstorming” phase, but if any concrete ideas for development emerge we will trigger conversations in the JupyterHub repos. Let us know if you have thoughts of your own!