Slow animation in Jupyter notebook with Binder

Hi everyone,
I have recently posted a topic on stackoverflow (stack-overflow), but I thought I might get luckier here.

I’m trying to do some simple animations in a Jupyter notebook, which I would like to share later with Binder. However, while everything is working smoothly on my computer, it is not the case when using Binder. Here’s an example with a rotating line: Binder link. When clicking on the Play button, instead of having a smoothly rotating line, I get regular hiccups; also when manually moving the cursor. Why is it so, for such a simple thing? Note that for this particularly simple example, the result may be okayish, but as soon as I add more conditions and events, the end result gets basically unusable. Is it because of some kind of lag and there is nothing to do against that? But then how come there are online interactive animations on random websites that work perfectly smoothly?

I welcome any explanation or/and solution ;).