Side-by-side mode: Contiguous code window with all plots and text in separate column?


I was super thrilled to see support for side-by-side mode in JuptyerLab but I have some questions about it. Is there any chance we might see a sort of strict side-by-side mode that essentially creates a contiguous code window in one column (with lines indicating cell boundaries) with all text and plots moved to the other column? (I’d be happy to work on this myself if someone could give me some pointers to get started, and/or point me at some extensions that do this).

The reason why I ask is because after years of using contiguous editors (including the matlab editor, which has cell support) I encounter a rather serious mental block when code windows are broken up into non-contiguous blocks as they appear in most notebook style environments. I can’t really explain why this is a problem for me, but it has pushed me away from notebooks for years (and even has cost me a few blunders in job interviews) so I would be very interested in this sort of feature, up to and including coding it up myself. (although I am not a front end person, so I would need a little hand holding getting started).

In any event, any tips on extensions that can deliver this sort of behavior or how one might go about implementing one would be greatly appreciated!


The closest approximation is what Create Console for Editor does for .py files:

Some caveats:

  • doesn’t work with Jupyter Widgets
  • no easy way to save outputs
  • no UI support (shift+enter, ctrl+enter, sensitive to selections)

Otherwise, with the existing DOM structure, there is no particular way one would be able to create two, semi-linked scrolling experiences with “vanilla” CSS (flexbox, grid, etc) as sticky wouldn’t be quite right.

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