How can I split cell in Jupyter Lab? (Jupyter 4.0.1)

There is this old tutorial on splitting cell in Jupyer Notebook

I am currently using pipenv (virtual environment) where I pipenv install jupyterlab, then run jupyter lab with the jupyter lab command.
However, I can’t seem to get the split cell working.

When I right click any cell to split cell, it merely populates another cell below/above it, rather than on its sides.
This happens even when I select two cells and right click split cells.

Also, a side note if this matters, outside of my virtual environment, I seem to have more extensions available than inside my virtual environment. (why?)

Outside my virtual env

Inside my virtual env
(I can’t even find jupyter lab manager etc.)

I appreciate any help at all. Thank you.

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The top two answers here cover some options on how to create similar things in JupyterLab; however, they are not direct equivalents.There’s also the sidecar widget for JupyterLab. There’s ipylab that also allows more advanced customization of the interface. You may be interested in ipylab’s SplitPanel widgets.

There should be an extension manager icon that looks like a puzzle piece on the left side of your JupyterLab interface? If you hover over it and leave your cursor there for a moment, the tooltip will say ‘Extension Manager’.That isn’t there? It and some other icons are below the folder symbol on the upper left side that allows you toggle into JupyterLab’s file navigation pane.

Not all extensions have equivalents in JupyterLab and some things are approached differently. Furthermore, features formerly provided as extensions are sometimes inherently part of the interface. For example, side-by-side rendering of the input and output cells was added to JupyterLab.

Hi. Thank you for your replies.

However, I was referring to splitting cells into two columns so I can execute code side by side and compare the output.
It seems to be called the “split cell” functionality if I’m not mistaken.

I’m really not sure why, perhaps because of my pipenv environment, but when I click on the extension icon (puzzle piece as you’ve mentioned), I get different installation options inside my pipenv virtual environment and outside my pipenv virtual environment.

I couldn’t upload the picture yesterdays since I’m a new member. But here’s the picture for the jupyter lab running inside my pipenv virtual environment

Why do I not have the common extensions to download that I see YouTubers always have? i.e. the jupyterlab-manager, etc.

My main concern is more about the split cell though. Thank you.

I think your question about the common extensions should be a different one.

I think you’ll have to re-think your approach as I think JupyterLab doesn’t have a direct equivalent.

You can have two views of the same notebook in a left and right window and run your code to compare the output. It’s not the same but accomplishes what you say you want. That’s the top answer currently to ‘split screen vertically (i.e. add cell horizontally)’. There’s also more control via the output view in JupyterLab, see here and read about options here.

doesn’t “Shift + R” work?

The feature is called “side by side” under “view”.

Edit: Ah sorry, didn’t notice this was a bit more than that.

You could just open two notebooks and place them next to each other?

Edit2: You could also have two views of the same notebook side by side, rightclick the tab and click “New View for notebook”.

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Definitely need an 4.0 jupyterlab extension which can achieve the original split cell nbextension functionality. :grinning:

Is there already an extension can achieve that or is there anybody already working on this extension?

@ocean11 What in the existing JupyterLab 4.0 View → Render Side-by-Side (Shif + R) functionality is missing for your use case? Can you open enhancment requests in JupyterLab repository (GitHub - jupyterlab/jupyterlab: JupyterLab computational environment.) with detailed description for each proposed enhancement?

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Shift + R side by side is not what I want. What I want is the flexibility for each cell to be half width ( each side by side) for comparison while the others stay original width.
I will try to open an enhancement request there. Thanks. The concept is just like the below picture rendering by original nbextension splitcell.

This issue is already brought up by an issue Split-Cell functionality · Issue #14703 · jupyterlab/jupyterlab · GitHub
If anyone also want to push this functionality to reality, please comment under this issue and push it further :grinning:

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@cyberjj999 @fomightez @krassowski @spookster
Here comes an awesome solution developed by parmentelat. Please check it out.