Setting root folder to shared folder

I have a homemade Kubernetes Cluster with an NFS configured on each node + shared with developpers. It is used for shared storage of code and data.

I configured JupyterHub using the Zero to JupyterHub tutorial with Helm chart, which is running correctly and has access to the NFS through bash commands and scripts.

Although, I would like this folder to be seen through the UI, by setting the root folder of developpers inside the NFS so they could keep using it to develop their notebooks.
I tried to set the variable : /mnt/dev/jupyter
But the folder appeared empty, I beleive due to jupyter trying to actually mount a new folder instead of just setting the new path to an existing folder.

Question is : how can I view this folder from the UI ? setting the root folder to / is also good to me, I don’t especially need the user to land into the NFS upon login, but to see the folder through the UI.

Here’s the singleUser part of my config.yaml (removed the Authenticator and proxy parts I guess not relevant to this issue). The NFS storageClass was created using NFS subdir external provisioner.

  defaultUrl: "/lab"
    JUPYTERHUB_SINGLEUSER_APP: "jupyter_server.serverapp.ServerApp"
    limit: 14G
    guarantee: 4G
    limit: 3
    guarantee: 0.5
      storageClass: nfs-client
      - name: nfs
        mountPath: "/mnt/dev"
      - name: nfs
          path: "/mnt/dev"
          type: Directory

For anyone coming to this issue, I solved this by setting mountPath to /home/jovyan/dev directory.