Separate disk for user data


I read the following blog post where it is suggested to have a disk for TLJH and a separate disk for user data. I think this is a great idea! I have successfully mounted a disk in ext4 format with directory /mnt/disks/sdb, and now I want to specify that user’s home directory should be somewhere in this directory as well as the data I share and create links to in /etc/skel. How do I configure this? I think it’s a question a lot of people might have, so it would also be nice with a how-to guide similar to some of the other configuration examples.

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I think one of the easier ways is to mount your second disk at /home, as this means you can avoid any other configuration after it’s mounted.

You’ll probably need to do something like:

  • Move everything under /home/* to another temporary directory
  • Setup your /etc/fstab file to mount your second drive to /home, and mount it
  • Move the original contents from your temporary directory back to /home
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This seems to work well. Thank you for the suggestion!

A tip for others pursuing this approach is to do all if this before configuring the UI to JupyterLab. My installation crashed when I performed the first step using a terminal with JupyterLab UI, but I experienced no problem with the default UI.

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