Run jupyter notebook/ juptyerLite with installing (no root permission) on Linux

I don’t have root access for the Linux machine and I want to run Jupyter notebook/ juptyerLite on it. I can’t use pip to install it. Is there any way to run Jupyter notebook or JupyterLite without installing or running without root permission? I need to write basic scripts as part of my office work.

don’t have root access for the Linux machine and I want to run Jupyter notebook

Could you use mambaforge? It, by design, does not require elevated permissions, and also ships with pip, mamba (and conda if you need that for some reason).

Another approach is to build an offline conda-pack, and is often used in this way on locked-down cloud/HPC machines.

JupyterLite without installing or running

JupyterLite still needs the static assets, and at least an HTTP server to serve them, as it can’t run from file:// at this time. The actual web application folder is inside the jupyterlite-<version>.tar.gz from PyPI or GitHub, e.g. src/jupyter-lite-app-0.1.0-beta11.tgz.

If you unpack that, and there is any python on the system, it could be hosted (again, without elevated permissions) via:

python -m http.server -b

or on an older linux:

python -m SimpleHTTPServer  -b

Note, however, that stock jupyterlite can’t access files on your local computer. There are some experimental tools that work around these limitations, but I haven’t invested them.

Also, the stock kernel has barely enough files to start, and will call out to to download wheels, and pyodide itself. It’s possible to do a fully-offline build, but you have to do rather a lot.

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