Retrolab/Notebook V7 Notebook Toolbar - Adding Icons

I have an extension that adds icons to the toolbar in the Notebook Panel in JupyterLab. Works fine in lab. Updated it to a pre-compiled extension so it would load in Retrolab/V7 and not only does it not show up, it breaks the toolbar. You have to click the … to make the toolbar show up, below where it is supposed to be, all right aligned

Actual code - lab-extensions/index.ts at retrolab · nbgallery/lab-extensions · GitHub

I might change it to a top menu in the long run like we did in Jupyter Classic, but for now, I was hoping for an easy fix for the Toolbar menu part so I can at least release a working cut of the extensions for now so people can start experimenting with Retrolab until Notebook V7 is released.