RetroLab — A JupyterLab distribution with a retro look and feel

RetroLab (also known as JupyterLab Retro , previously called JupyterLab Classic ) is a JupyterLab distribution with a retro look and feel.


:sparkles: Highlights

  • An alternative JupyterLab distribution with a retro look and feel
  • Open in a new Browser Tab by default
  • Support for existing JupyterLab themes and prebuilt extensions
  • Zen Mode
  • Compact View on Mobile Devices

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been experimenting with this. Loving it so far, but I have not been able to replicate the theme. I can see the themes in regular Lab but not in Retro. Is there a step I’m missing to enable the theme in retro mode?

Which theme are you trying to install?

For example the Darcula theme should work fine when installed as a prebuilt extension with pip or mamba.

Testing on this gist, and running mamba install -c conda-forge theme-darcula in a terminal:

The miami theme I saw in the readme, actually. Jupyter nights i believe its called?
Installed with pip and then enabled with the labextension command.

Also wow… binder apps with a gist, i love it.

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From the Binder linked above, running pip install jupyterlab_miami_nights should install the theme:

With the prebuilt extension installed with pip, the extension does not need to be enabled manually.

Oh interesting. That’s not the instructions I found on their github. I ran

jupyter labextension install @yeebc/jupyterlab_neon_theme

And hence the enabling of the theme. Thanks for the pip install instruction! That worked