Restrict access of local resources (TCP Ports) through Jupyter Notebook (R and Python Kernels)

Hello Everyone,

I am completely newbie to the Jupyter Notebook. My question might be in-appropriate / irrelevant.

I have a Jupyter Notebook Single User Server running on Conda environment in RHEL. I wanted to check is there any way to restrict access for local system resources through Jupyter Notebook. Basically I have multiple services running in the same RHEL VM which holds data (Oracle,.etc.) and I understand using many of the Python and R libraries it is possible to connect to the services.

Is there any way to restrict these TCP port connections access (within the same system) through Jupyter Notebook config or at Kernels level. I tried possible ways in the configs at Jupyter Notebook level neither did work.

Note : The notebook is password protected and it is accessed through IIS Reverse Proxy from Windows server.

Kindly help!

It’s not possible to configure that using Jupyter on a shared system.

It might be possible to do some of what you want using utitlies provided by the operating system. For example Iptables should allow you to restrict network traffic by user: