Release of traitlets 5.0.0

Hi all,

It is my pleasure to announce the release of traitlets 5.0.

For those of you unfamiliar with traitlets here is a short blog post to introduce what it is

Traitlets 5.0 is a new version of traitlets that accumulate changes over a period of more close to four years; A number of internal refactoring made the internal code structure cleaner and simpler, and greatly improved the diagnostic error messages as well has help and documentation generation.

We expect no code change needed for any consumer of the Python API (ipywidgets, and alike), though CLI argument parsing have seen a complete rewrite, so if you have an application that does use the parsing logic of traitlets you may see changes in behavior, and have now access to more features.

We also want to thanks in particular a number of regular contributor through the years that have patiently waited for their often large contribution to be available, if rough order of number of contribution:

  • Ryan Morshead - @rmorshea - For serving as a maintainer of the 4.x branch and providing a number of bug fix through the years.
  • Kostis Anagnostopoulos - @ankostis - Who push a major refactor of the CLI paring, as well as many help-generating function.
  • Benjamin Ragan-Kelley – @minrk – for reviewing and help fixing edge case in most of the above
  • Matthias Bussonnier – @carreau
  • Sylvain Corlay
  • Francisco de la Peña
  • Martin Renou
  • Yves Delley
  • Thomas Kluyver
  • hristian Clauss
  • maartenbreddels
  • Aliaksei Urbanski
  • Kevin Bates
  • David Brochart

As well as many of the passer-by, and less frequent contributors:

  • Tim Paine
  • Jake VanderPlas
  • Frédéric Chapoton
  • Dan Allan
  • Adam Chainz
  • William Krinsman
  • Travis DePrato
  • Todd
  • Thomas Aarholt
  • Lumir Balhar
  • Leonardo Uieda
  • Leo Gallucci
  • Kyle Kelley
  • Jeroen Demeyer
  • Jason Grout
  • Hans Moritz Günther
  • FredInChina
  • Conner Cowling
  • Carol Willing
  • Albert Zeyer

Major changes are:

  • Removal of Python 2 support,
  • Removal of Python 3.0-3.6 support
  • we now follow NEP 29, and are thus Python 3.7+ only.
  • remove six as a dependency
  • remove funcsig as a dependency.

You can update with

pip install --update traitlets

Documentation and changelog can still be improved, you can still find them here the “stable” version of the docs is currently building.

It will soon be available on conda forge.

Major releases are usually always disruptive, so expect a 5.1 with some fixes in the next few weeks if you encounter issues, and feel free to report bugs as usual.

And a huge thanks to @carreau for actually putting together the release itself!

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