Release candidate announcements

It seems like it might be good practice to announce release candidates on Discourse to promote community awareness for final testing before a release. What should be the appropriate categories or tags to use for such announcements?


The existing announcements category sounds fine to me. It has very low traffic, less than 1 post per month.

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Agreed - I didn’t realize it was so low traffic. In a recent announcement, I also added the release tag, even though it was an RC announcement. I hope that wasn’t presumptuous.

Perhaps the announcements category description can be changed to not be specific to JupyterHub, then? When I made the RC announcement, I initially hesitated to use the announcement category because it said it was for JupyterHub things.

I think changing this post

to “Jupyter ecosystem” makes sense. @choldgraf ?

Oops yep that’s just a carryover from the old days, we should definitely change the scope to jupyter in general!

change made :+1: it is no longer jupyterhub-specific