Real time update of pyarrow dataframe

morning all.
new to jupyter lab and LOVING it !!! Making the move to pyarrow and wanted to update a datastructure using a stream of structured interprocess messages entering jupyter lab notebook via a zmq pipe. So the stream would go into a cell running the READ part of the zmq pipe ( prob a simple pub sub) and the payload of the IPM would be used to update an existing pyarrow datastructure in the notebook. so a stylized IPM would be to update df row,col = value

my two questions are

1 will it work?
2 is there a better way to have a real time structure inside a jupyter notebook.

there is NO code written yet and I am considering making the leap to mojo. I use linux mint and
3.10.13 (main, Aug 25 2023, 13:20:03) [GCC 9.4.0]
pandas version 2.1.1
numpy version 1.26.2
pyarrow version 14.0.1