Read time out error during push phase

I’m trying to set up binder for my class repository (binder link) . Although the container seems to build, it times out during the “push” phase with the following error:

Error during build: UnixHTTPConnectionPool(host='localhost', port=None): Read timed out.

Any help in resolving this error would be greatly appreciated.

Looks like trying to do this many times and refreshing the page it just started working. I’m not sure why, but I’m pleased to see it working.

This is being track at GESIS node fail to launch repository · Issue #2729 · jupyterhub/ · GitHub. No solution at the moment.

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Thank you for sharing your finding, Jacob. I am experiencing the same nowadays and was getting desperate as (1) it was working two days ago, and (2) I am about to promote Binder as a hosting option for voila at a conference later this week.
edit: Funnily enough, I found the same message of mine in a thread discussing this issue in 2019… completely forgot about it… so this is coming back again after some time…

Did you note what member of the binder group your build was trying to run on? I saw issues earlier today with GESIS while OVH worked.

It was Gesis so it is good to see you experienced the same. I will re-try today. Thank you for quick reply.

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One day later it is running - somewhat slow, yet fine. So if you encounter the error above, “keep calm and drink tea”.

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I’m experiencing the same issue at the moment.
I shall come back in a few days to see if that got resolved on its own! :slight_smile: