Read File from jupyter lab via /api or /files?

I have a notebook(jupyter lab) that is hosted on server at and password is enabled.
I can access its notebook via its local ip: from my laptop.
In there there is a file called

In my laptop local instance I would like to get/download/read that file.
url=‘http : / /’
df = pd.read_json(url)

How can I authenticate to get this file read?
Can you send sample or pseudo code.
The closest one is the 2nd link, but in this case password based notebooks don’t have username:

import requests
api_url = ‘http : / /’
#/files is an endpoint I presume? or should that be /api/files?
result = requests.get(api_url, auth=(‘username’, ‘password’))
#this is password protected notebook, so how do I just authenticate with password?
print result
print result.json()