R kernel won't start

I downloaded R following the instructions here: Using the R programming language in Jupyter Notebook — Anaconda documentation
And thus created an environment called ‘r_tutorial’.

I also downloaded R follwoing the instructions here:
An created an enviroment called ‘r_env’.

However, when i then go onto Juptyer Notebooks and open a new R file, the kernel cannot start. Why is this?

This error is shown on the terminal:
[E 00:20:44.587 NotebookApp] Error opening stream: HTTP 404: Not Found (Kernel does not exist: 2346a26e-ef1f-47d2-95a7-3f3d6b182ee9)

Hi laurengc, I installed R kernel on Ubuntu based on the dockerfile for data sciences:

I think if you install all the packages from this dockerfile with conda will work fine.

Simplifying, the list is: