Python Jupyter notebook SSO issue

I’ve run into a problem and we’ll be happy to get your help.
We work with Jupyter notebook.
The problem is that everyone who works on mac computers and works with Jupyter, after 12 hours the AWS SSO token expired, once the token is renewed (‘aws sso login’) it will not be possible to run the Jupyter that was open, it will work ONLY is restarting Jupyter kernel.
It is important to emphasize, the problem does not recur with windows OS only on mac OS (vs 12.3.1)
and Google chrome

Open: Jupyter
login to sso: aws sso login
Run: a basic aws athena etl
Wait until the token has expired and try to run the same etl again on the same opened Jupyter

OS: mac 12.3.1
Jupyter: 6.1.4
Google Chrome:100.0.4896.127