Providing access to a Jupyterhub service(ex. NBViewer) to a single group in Jupyterhub 1.1 version (pre 2.x version)

Based on the documentation, load_roles feature is only available in 2.x Jupyterhub version. Is there a way to provide authorization for a specific Jupyterhub service (externally managed, eg. Nbviewer) to a specific Unix group (authenticated by LDAPAuthentication) in Jupyterhub 1.1 version. There are certain restrictions while upgrading to latest Jupyterhub version and I require the authorization in my current z2jh installation. I am using Helm chart 0.9.1 version for z2jh installation.

You can see the examples for older versions of JupyterHub by using the tag, e.g.

is an example service that returns the user’s ID.
Documentation is also available for older versions of JupyterHub, this is the REST API:

Hopefully this is enough to get you started.

Appreciate your prompt response. I have deployed my service in similar way based on the above example. However, my concern here is to restrict access to my service to a specific group. Nbviewer generates html page link on the fly which is accessbile to all irrespective of whether the user is group member or not. I need help with authentication mechanism for users clicking on the link.

JupyterHub doesn’t control access to services, it provides the information for the service to determine who a user is, and to make decisions on what the user can do in that service. You could write a wrapper around Nbviewer that checks the identity of the user?