Propagating widget change events into a qt gui loop?

Hi all,

I have a situation in which a library I am using creates a QT event loop, but I want to use functions of that library (to acquire data from a specific piece of hardware) and then code my own GUI using ipywidgets in a jupyter notebook.

The problem is that once the QT event loop is running (starting from ipykernel > 7.16.1 at some point), events from the ipywidgets are no longer propagating (asynchronously) into my kernel:

python asyncio - problem with event loops, gui qt5, and ipywidgets in a jupyter notebook - Stack Overflow

You can find video illustrating this here too:

Ipywidgets updates not being processed - Zoom

Does anyone know why this is happening?


found a workaround which didn’t require me setting up a separate gui thread (once I used the nest_asyncio library which patches asyncio):

But still don’t know if it is possible to combine a qt gui loop with ipywidgets