How to integrate jupyter_client with Qt app?

Hi, I’m hoping questions about jupyter_client are on-topic here. I’m trying to write a PyQt5 app that uses jupyter_client to communicate with a kernel. I’m uncertain what is the best way to integrate the Jupyter message-passing into the Qt event loop.

I thought that qtconsole might be a good place to look, but I found the integration of jupyter_client and Qt there rather convoluted. I couldn’t find any simple way to imitate that code without copying large parts of many modules.

Should I just create a Qt timer that fires every 100ms or so and checks if there are any messages in my kernel manager’s queue? Or is there a better way to do it?


You could maybe take some inspiration from the hubtraf project at github. There many parts of the protocol are covered.

Thanks, I took a look, but I don’t see that that is using jupyter_client at all.