Problem displaying output in Voila Page

The code runs fine on jupyter. However, when I export via voila, it shows nothing (it only does not display the ipywidgets, displays any other text or graph if I include it) .

import ipywidgets as widgets
from IPython.display import display,clear_output
def sayHello(b):
    global i
    with out:
        display('Hello world*' + str(i)+'!')
out = widgets.Output()

run_button = widgets.Button(
    description = 'run'

Except for the indent error in what you posted here, this works in Voila. See for yourself:

Launch directly into Voila:

click here to launch the Voila render.

Launch to notebook:

click here for the notebook version and then press the Voila button above the notebook on the toolbar to switch to Voila.

Thank you for your response. It seems like voila don’t show the ipywidgets when I launch it directly from command prompt. When I run from jupyter and click on the voila button, it works.

I was looking to see if someone already reported this issue. I feel it would be hard to describe it and find something similar.
I found this issue report; however, I’m unsure if it is the same or not.

Thank you so much fomightez. I’ll reply to this post if I find solution to get it running via command prompt also.