Previously working build fails with environment.yml packages not in env

Thank you in advance for your help.

Up until this week, I had a stable build relied upon for for a demo. I am using the jupyter proxy to serve a bokeh webpage, which now shows a 500.

Further investigation suggests that the packages from the environment.yml are now not installed into conda environment. I am able to build successfully with repo2docker locally. Was there a change that might have caused this behavior?

Here is the link to the repository:

repo2docker was recently updated to use mamba, which is a faster version of conda:

Though it looks like the behaviour of mamba is different from conda when using your environment.yml file.

I’ve opened an issue here:

I haven’t seen that style of environment.yml file with prefix::package before, could you explain what it does? Thanks!

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The prefix::package syntax specifies the conda channel to use for installation.
In this case, jrgarrahan::lume-epics is a package I have hosted on anaconda cloud.

Thank you for getting back to me- this is very helpful! Are you aware if there is any way to pin the repo2docker version?

It’s not possible to pin the version of repo2docker on BinderHub/mybinder.

As a workaround you could try specifying the channel at the top of your file instead? e.g.

  - conda-forge
  - jrgarrahan

This reformatting has resolved my issue. Thanks for your help!

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