Possibility to trigger the autosave of notebooks only if they have been modified?

Is it possible to trigger the autosave of notebooks only if they have been modified (after the content of at least one cell has been modified or a cell has been executed)?
I’m not completely happy with the way “Autosave documents” currently works, on or off.

When I work on a notebook I want it to be saved automatically (as the autosave option allows).
But at the same time, I have other notebooks just open for reference that I don’t edit. I don’t want them to be automatically re-registered so as not to lose their registration date.

I’d like a solution that doesn’t require me to permanently activate/deactivate autosave or to have to inject code into my notebooks.
Hence my initial question.

Thanks for your suggestions.

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Hi @athelopuce , welcome to the community! This looks like a good candidate for an enhancement request. You can open one in the JupyterLab GitHub repo. I found a few open issues concerning autosave, but none about this specific request.

Hi @jweill-aws . Thanks for your answer. As you suggested I have open an enhancement issue : Change the shared "auto save documents " option by an "autosave status" specific to each noteboook · Issue #15081 · jupyterlab/jupyterlab · GitHub !

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