Pod already exists, even pod not in the namespace

When I am trying to login into jupyterhub. Immediately going to Terminate state.

Hub log shows pod already exists , got 409 http response error.

Appreciate your help.

Can you share a lot more information about your environment?

  • how have you installed jupyterhub?
  • what spawner and authenticator are you using?
  • share the packages and versions in the hub and user environemnts
  • include jupyterhub configuration and logs

Using helm chart installed jupyterhub
Using ladapauthendicator

Jupyterhub kube spawner

Not able to attach the logs

Jupyterhub - 1.5.0
Jupyterhub-kubespawner - 1.1.0
Jupyterhub-ldapauthenticator - 1.3.2

Without any logs or error messages, there isn’t a lot we can do. This does show that your packages are extremely out of date, so updating is a good idea and likely to fix numerous issues.