Plugins of considerations

yesss it works! thanks @carreau for the creds

@afshin @jasongrout and others within the jupyterlab team, would this be of interest to you? A gitter chat integration where “all post and replies” or “first post only” from either a certain tag or category is sent to a certain Gitter channel.

I think a “first post only” would be interesting to try. I wouldn’t want “all post and replies”, since it would essentially be interleaving a long-running conversation with ephemeral chats

Deal! I can do most of the setup from discourse, but I’d need one part from you as an admin of the gitter channel. It regards the “Setup Gitter” section here:

Can you message me the link in a private discourse message? Then I’ll add a rule about “first post only” for the discourse jupyterlab category to get started with something.

This is what it would look like in gitter

I messaged the URL to you. Thanks!

I didn’t realize it would go in the activity panel instead of the main chat. In that case, give us the full firehose of all posts and replies. If it’s too much, we’ll back off.

Setup complete and tested! :tada:

Thanks for setting this up!

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