Please take the user survey

If you use Binder, please fill out this 3-question survey. It will help the community learn more about what people think of Binder, and improve it in the future!

Here’s a link to the survey:

alternatively, you can do it because we include a “something you might not have known” hint among the three questions. :wink:

Why are we doing this? In the olden days of we would notice every single build or launch failure and could follow up with the owner of the repo. With the current scale this has become impossible. This means we aren’t getting as much feedback as we used to about what people like, hate, are trying to do, etc. Hence a survey with some short questions that will help us to get some feedback.

In the spirit of launch early and iterate we have a survey that takes 30s to fill out and plan to run several of them “all the time” instead of making one huge survey. Think of the buttons with green, orange and red options at airport security, canteens, etc where you give some small bit of feedback with minimal effort.

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