Permanently activate line numbers in editor

Is there a way to set the line numbers to always be on in the editor? I can turn them on with View->Line Numbers, and there is an editor setting lineNumbers which is set to true. But I find I must manually turn them on for each file and each time again when it is reopened. I rarely don’t want line numbers, so I would like the default to be “on”. Thanks,


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My sentiment about line numbers is exactly the same as Matt. I can’t think of a use case were anyone would turn the line numbering off if the default condition were on. It is a pain in the neck to manually turn them at the start of every session. Output display when a bug crashes the program always points to a specific line number. Some of my classes have 1000 lines. Hoping for relief in a coming release.


I think that this pull request should solve this issue: - could you please help testing it on binder (there is a button in the first comment that will open JupyterLab with this patch applied in the browser for you) to confirm that it helps and works as you would expect?

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